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[TowerTalk] k9ay modeling

Subject: [TowerTalk] k9ay modeling
Date: Sun, 8 Jan 2006 23:51:15 +0100 (CET)
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Hi All
Keep these data as is.....

I've made some computer modeling work before bed this evening....
I've tested new MMana rev. 2.03 modeling software (I don't know how
reliable it is...but is the one I better know...)
It has a sample k9ay model I worked around.

Initial settings was :
Classic diamond shape with two lateral apex 5mt from mast and 1.5mt from
low apex,
top apex at 7.5 mt from low one , Rterm=392 ohm
This gives me a gain of -25dBI and a F/B of 13.74 dB (computation @ 1.8 MHz)

Putting as goal maximum F/B and as variables height and width of side apex
, height of top apex and Rterm, i've found
these optimal dimensions :
Side apex 0.87mt from low one and 6.2mt from mast, top apex at 3.78mt from
low one, Rterm=460 ohm (a squashed diamond)
that gives me a 5dBI lower gain (-29.82) but a 10.8 dB more F/B (24.55)

Question is : Can it be useful/reliable to work around data furnished by
these theorical computation ????
(Some practical tests,however, are quick to do...)

Let me know.

Thanks, Federico

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