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Subject: Re: [TowerTalk] Elevated Guys ??
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Date: Mon, 9 Jan 2006 19:45:15 -0000
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I am not an engineer nor even close - I have had a Rohn 25 up for 25 + years
with 3" pipe 3' in the ground with cement and a 3/8ths inch cable back guyed
about 24 inches behind the elevated anchor to a 7/8ths pin also set about 4'
into cement. This assy. tops out at about 103 feet with a Phelps Dodge 
Stationmaster, two 19 element two meter beams, two 15 element 220 beams,
one 5 element 6 meter beam all on the rotating mast and a number of dipoles
and omni directional antennas side mounted up and down its length.
However, the cable takeoff point is only about 6 feet above ground. These
cables are going up at an angle of course and I have never had a problem 
with that height mounting although I am easily 6' 4".
For What Its Worth department.
Dave / NØATH
ps: I guess if that isn't story enough, for several years one of these guy 
was the rear anchor point for a 36 foot mast that I used to hinge the entire 
from. Raised and lowered it many times with an electric winch and 3 part line.
10 minutes up, 10 minutes down, scary but worked as smooth as hydraulics.

>Hello All,
>I am a Amateur Radio operator and I am installing a 65ft Rohn 25G. I dug 
>the founation 4ft deep by 2.5 ft sq. This hole took 35 bag of Ready Mix. 
>One ten foot section of tower is in the ground, 4.5 ft. Now, the guys, I 
>want to raise the guys so they don't "Clothes Line" anyone, and I can 
>still walk around the yard. What are some suggestions on doing this. I was 
>thinking a 9' or 12'steel pole 3 ft in the ground with cement, How large 
>or thick should it be, 2 or 3 or maybe 4 inch round??? I am putting a 11 
>ele 70cm yagi, 13 ele 2m yagi and a TH6DX on this tower. I live in 
>southeast Ala., average winds is 85 mph when the season is right, I am 
>within 100 miles of Gulf of Mexico, Hurricanes and High winds during the 
>Fall seasons. I want to do this right, any and all suggestion, I Thank You 
>now for them.
>Alton J Drummond Jr


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