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Subject: [TowerTalk] screw anchors

> If they were my screw anchors and it is not freezing were you are you can
> water the ground slowly over a couple of days.That will help"pack" the
> ground.As far as some saying screw anchors are not very good anchors I 
> would
> disagree,in common loamy type soil and undisturded they are as good as
> anything.I have tried to pull common 8' by 6 foot ones out of the ground
> with our 450 HP 8 wheel drive John Deere tractor and all it ever does is
> just REALLY mess up the lawn.They are in to stay and won't come out unless
> they rot away.I also have had cement ones down below the frost line here(6
> feet) and they pushed out.Give me a screw anchor any day.   Gregg  K9KL

I've never figured out how they push out from below the frost line, but 
nearly every spring we'd find a couple more "big ones" when plowing the 
fields.  We'd get the occasional erratic that was bigger than the tractor. 
When we built on the corner of the farm while digging the hole for the 
basement we dug up one bigger than a car.  Burried it out by the road. About 
10 years later the power company decided to run a high pressure gas main 
through our yard.  I told them I didn't think they'd do it. The guy in 
charge told me he didn't need permission which wasn't what I mean <:-)) 
When they hit that rock with the trenching machinery it jumped right out of 
the ground.  The foreman sighed, looked at me and asked, "how big is it?". 
It old it it was a tad bigger than the full size car in the driveway.  They 
made a detour and that gas main runs out under the road by that house now.
On another note, I have a 9500 watt generator in a shed behind the garage. 
There are four 4 X 4 poles set in concrete that bells out (below the frost 
line with the bases 5 feet deep).  The frame for the shed is bolted to those 
4 X 4s.  Over the last two winters the West side of that shed has risen 
eight inches.

Roger Halstead (K8RI and ARRL 40 year Life Member)
N833R - World's oldest Debonair CD-2

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