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Subject: Re: [TowerTalk] screw anchors
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Date: Mon, 16 Jan 2006 14:24:54 -0600
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This topic has generated many threads. I was one of the "screwees" but I'd
like to point out there have been TWO types of failures reported.

One type described anchors being pulled out of "soupy" soil, as you put it.
Therein lies one set of issues.

The other type (mine) occured due to long-term deteriroation of the anchor's
materials, due to galvanic action of the soil + moisture. And therein lies
another set of issues, which as far as I know have not been well documented
in the amateur radio community.

I'm not defending or attacking any hardware or design criteria, I'd just
like to point out that those of us who are putting screw anchors directly
into soil should be aware that their materials may be subject to
environmental factors which could change their design over time.

This thread has been very informative, and another recent post shared that
great Hubbel "anchor encyclopedia". All my installs took place before this
reflector existing, according to manufactuer's specs, and before the web as
we know it. Wish I'd had this info and discussion previosuly!

Good luck to all.


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> In winter in MA (wind chill -30 last night),  my screw anchors will hold
any tower up till the steel fails.  When the ground thaws in the spring it
becomes much less secure. The screw anchor failure I read about happened
when heavy rain turned the poor ham's soil to soup.  I imagine that
professional installation of screw anchors involves testing the soil.
>    By spring I hope to have a real tower up.
> --Walter K1CMF
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