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[TowerTalk] Triangular Crank-Up Wind Load Model

Subject: [TowerTalk] Triangular Crank-Up Wind Load Model
Date: Tue, 17 Jan 2006 14:46:50 EST
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From: "Kinney John-r17512" <>
Subject: Triangular Crank-Up Wind Load Model

I have a question pertaining to my Hy-Gain HG52SS tower or any other
tower of this type for that matter.  The question: Does anyone have a
model or has anyone attempted to model the wind loading of this type of
tower, at heights less than full extension?  This tower is rated at 9
square feet at 50 MPH average wind speed.  It would be interesting, to
me at least, to see a graph or table stating the increase in wind load
capacity as the tower is lowered to its resting height (21 feet.)  I
asked this question via email directly to Hy-Gain, after their purchase
by MFJ, but never received a reply.
Thanks for the bandwidth.
John Kinney KA7CVJ
A lot of work has been done and published on this exercise.  If you have 
EXCEL, I can send you a application that will compute the survivable wind speed 
various heights and tower loads.  These data can then be plotted to show wind 
vs height for a family of loads.

Email me direct if you would like a copy of this Excel File.

Norman W4QN

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