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Re: [TowerTalk] tower specs/not wind loads

Subject: Re: [TowerTalk] tower specs/not wind loads
Date: Mon, 23 Jan 2006 23:39:05 EST
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Many of the towers made today are designed to sway and you dont want to guy  
them such as the popular line of Universal Aluminum  towers.     The steel 
towers are built to be self supporting  to a certain height as described by 
engineering specs.     The same with the Aluminum towers and you should pay 
big attention to their  specs.   The 40 foot Rohn 25G
wont hold a lot when self supporting.    In fact  outside of a small beam 
forget it without a set of guys!
Rohn will tell you the size tower they advise and if its 25 G pay attn to  
the need for guys.    If its HDBX dont try to guy it as its  designed to sway   
 Towers all vary as to max height and  that height should depend greatly not 
on what you want but as to the antennas to  be put on them and that antenna's 
windload.    Antennas should be  a certain height above ground depending on 
what bands you intend to  work.    I personally think that the good DX starts 
50 feet  with the average triband beam.    Dont try to impress the  
neighborhood with big towers but build what is necessary and safe.    BTW the 
56 foot 
HDBX Rohn is small in
windload capacity and safer if you build it to just 48 feet!
Pay big attention to windload and the specs of the beam and the tower  before 
you determine height of your tower.    My triband Higain  is at 50 feet 
selfsupported aluminum with a 26 inch base.    I have 5.5 sq feet of concrete 
holding it up.    And it  works great. And yes, it does have some sway as much 
as 6 
inches as it is is  designed.
Good luck!

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