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Re: [TowerTalk] Tools for Installing Ground Rod?

To: noddie <>
Subject: Re: [TowerTalk] Tools for Installing Ground Rod?
From: "Ian White, GM3SEK" <>
Date: Tue, 24 Jan 2006 07:28:11 +0000
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noddie wrote:
> I should have been more descriptive about the tool I used, mine was a rotary
> hammer drill by Hilti, with a special attachment.  The attachment is easy to
> find and usually the rental shop will have one.  I was getting confused with
> my UK description:)
> Mike
> Hi Howard,
> I also have very hard compacted clay.  I used an impact hammer with a
> special attachment designed for ground rods.  I borrowed mine, but you can
> rent them cheaply.  It took all of about five minutes each rod to drive
> down.
> Mike K6BR

Think about buying an SDS impact drill:

These tools are now in the DIY price range, and the difference from your 
old hammer drill is amazing. Even a small "2 kilogram" SDS will drill 
holes in hard concrete like it's chocolate. With the rotary action off, 
you can also use it for light chiselling, concrete breaking... and 
driving in ground rods.

You might want to rent one to try it - but as soon as you lay hands on 
it, you'll want to own one!

For best value, look for a 2kg model that has rotary stop, hammer stop 
and a safety clutch. (The clutch is important - without it, these things 
can break your wrist or easily throw you off a ladder.) In terms of 
weight, "less is more" - a 2kg model will do almost as much as a 4kg, 
but you'd hate the heavier one for drilling walls.

Instead of the special ground rod adapter, you can use a half-inch 
square drive socket adapter with an appropriate snap-on socket. It's 
cheaper and has other uses too.

73 from

> My soil is very, very hard clay which makes it a perfect tower base... in
> fact we had to jack hammer it out to build the base...
> ... Strong constructions workers hitting the top of the 8' ground rods with
> Sledge Hammers they were able to drive 1 in about 4 feet and one about 5
> feet...  neither is deep enough.... 
> Any suggestions on what mechanical or power tool to use to drive ground rods
> further into the ground.  Plus I want to put in a few more....
> __________________________________________________________
> Howard S. White Ph.D. P. Eng., VE3GFW/K6  ex-AE6SM  KY6LA


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