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Subject: Re: [TowerTalk] Gotham Verticals - Thanks
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Date: Wed, 25 Jan 2006 09:28:30 -0800
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For whatever it is worth I have had pretty good success over the years using
*elevated* Butternut HF-2V verticals either individually or in steerable
four square phased arrays. If you can do it I recommend you elevate the
HF-2V approximately 20 feet above the ground and try it with four *elevated*
radials, each radial a little more than a quarter wavelength long and
elevated approximately 20 feet.

If you have the same experience as I have had over the years you will really
be impressed at the superior performance as compared to ground
mounting...particularly for DX.

73 and good luck, Ted, K6XN

Ps FYI I plan to install four (4) elevated Butternut HF-2V antennas in a
four square array at my summer QTH in the Sierras at CM99 later this year. I
already have the Rohn tower sections and the four Butternut HF-2V antennas
and phasing lines on site...I still need to chainsaw and clear a few more
trees to have a large enough clearing in the forest on the mountain top for
the array. Hopefully we will have it up and running this summer. We
currently have a 270 foot loop at 60 feet up for 75 meters and one Butternut
HF-2V elevated vertical on site up there elevated with two Rohn 25 tower
sections. The loop works great for west coast ragchewing but the single
elevated Butternut HF-2V with four radials so far beats the loop every time
for DX. The antenna site up there is located on top of a 5000 foot mountain
in the middle of a forest in a wilderness area.

Pps Occasionaly HF-2V antennas show up at swap meets and on E-Bay at very
reasonable prices....sometimes as low as $50. I have seven so far.....The
first two I purchased new at retail prices and the next five were

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  Ok, I got a lot of answers about the Gotham Verticals. (note that I
spelled it right this time.)  I would think that the Butternut HF2V (I think
that is the right model number) is similar to what the Gotham Verticals
were...without all the claims in the advertisements.
  So, this weekend, I am out to build one.  I have a big coil and about 30
foot of TV mast.  I want to try this on 80 meters with as many radials as I
can get on the lot.  
  Thanks for all the emails....
  Lee - K0WA

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