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Subject: Re: [TowerTalk] Community Ordinances
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The real estate agent is responsible for providing you with a list of all
covenants and restrictions.  Ask the agent to provide you with the name of
the person who is the HOA representative, and ask for a copy.

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Subject: [TowerTalk] Community Ordinances

Well, I just wrote into the group not long ago and since
then things have changed for me (us).

My landlord sold the property I am on and I have 60 days
to find another place to live.

We have a possibility in mind as of today, but don't know
NOW if towers and such will even be allowed, I wont write
what I am thinking right now, wouldn't be appropriate for
this or any other list server.

So, does anyone know how I find out what the restrictions
are in the area I am going to or if there even are any?

The new area looks a little more like a community, not so
much country as where I am now, so I tried doing a search
for the community name to try to find a document of some
kind on line and came up with nothing.

Does the state "Texas", the county "Tarrant" or does the
subdivision "Hills Of Briar Oaks" have this information
and if not then where do I find it without letting it out
why I am asking and possibly muddying my own waters before
I get started on my search.

  73 fer nw,

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