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[TowerTalk] Epoxy anchor bolts(rod)

Subject: [TowerTalk] Epoxy anchor bolts(rod)
Date: Wed, 1 Feb 2006 19:01:07 EST
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Several years ago I replaced a US Tower 55 ft that had blown over in  
exceedingly high winds.
The customer decided as long as the insurance is paying for most of it why  
not go to a HDX-572MDPL, a 72 ft'r.
I contacted Hilti with the tower specs and they told me what epoxy to use  
and the  depth of the hole for the bolts. 
After cutting off the old bolts, we had a concrete coring company come out  
and using the new T-Base as a template, had him drill the 6 new holes,  18"  
deep,  1 1/16th"  ID
US tower supplied me with 6 new high strength threaded rod, 1" diameter by  
22" long.
Using the special Hilti applicator and the epoxy they recommended, filled  
each hole.  Then pushed each rod into the hole.  Excess epoxy  squirting out 
cleaned up.  Depending on the temperature, it takes 8-24  hours to set up 
full strength. I had asked Hilti what was the pull out strength  for each bolt 
and he said 17,000 lbs.
2 Days later I mounted the T-Base and using the US Tower raising fixture,  
raised the tower, 24 ft chromalloy mast and M2 rotor vertical.   Needless to 
say, the bolts didn't move.
Installed a Hygain TH-11 and a Cushcraft XM-240.
All are still up and working fine.
Skip,  KJ6Y
_Communications Service  Co_ ( 

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