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Date: Fri, 3 Feb 2006 08:55:26 -0800
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Michael ..So far, your conclusion does not mesh with what I have read at 
various sites, and in the past on this reflector.....  But then, the 
companies are selling their glue ....
but but but ... to engineer types, so... must be truthful?
Hmmm ... watching this thread, as I have a back porch that is going to be a 
base for a crank-up  ---  Mark, AA6DX
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I am not an engineer nor do I pay one on TV. But the use of epoxied bolts
from my experience drafting structural plans is limited to objects in sheer
and never in tension. Meaning that yes, the epoxied bolt is no where near as
strong and solid as a "J" or "L" or caged bolt in tension. The whole
reasoning behind a "J" or "L" is so the bolt has something to grab on to. It
is possible to break the epoxy connection and lift the bolt from the hole. I
would refrain from epoxying bolts used in tension but would also rely on an
engineer to evaluate the application.

Michael Wood


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