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[TowerTalk] Line Termination

Subject: [TowerTalk] Line Termination
Date: Sat, 4 Feb 2006 17:44:18 EST
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In the nautical sense, the term "line" is applied to anything less than a  
600' coil of rope.
A "D" ring provides an uneven pull & I have never seen one used on  boats. 
They are typically used to fasten line (or rope) to cargo tie down. Pad  eyes? 
Yes, but not "D" Rings.
A "thimble" is a teardrop shaped piece of metal which allows the line to be  
formed around it and bent back upon itself ... thus producing an eye.
A round object resembling a thimble is a "grommet" and although often used  
in place of a thimble, sees more use on actual sails than on rigging.
If you use a thimble and simply apply a "whipping" to the bitter end  which 
has been folded back on the standing portion of the line, you are  asking for 
BIG trouble IMO. A "whipping" is designed primarily for three  stranded line to 
keep the end from unraveling. It can be used with natural as  well as 
synthetic fibers. An alternative is called a "backsplice" which will  also 
What you are proposing to do ... whipping the standing portion of the line  
to the bitter end formed over a thimble ... is called a "seizing" ... and the  
most popular style is called a "throat seizing." THIS SEIZING HAS NOWHERE NEAR 
 THE STRENGTH of a conventional eye splice and I recommend NOT attempting to  
do the securing of the line as you propose.
Whipping thread typically is waxed sail twine ... while when seizing  
something, the object commonly used is "Marline" ... which is a treated,  three 
strand (spliceable) heavy cordage. It is common to coat the sail twine  with an 
additional run (coating) through some Beeswax for extra  protection.
IMO, trust your life and the safety of other persons & property  first to an 
eye splice ... and never a seizing.
GL & 73
Les, NN6K 

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