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[TowerTalk] V antenna?

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Subject: [TowerTalk] V antenna?
From: "AD5VJ Bob" <>
Date: Thu, 9 Feb 2006 18:58:24 -0600
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I am about to move to a place where I have about 2 acres
and four *very* tall oak trees at adjacent corners of the
lot(each about 100' or more in height and about 200'

I presently have an inverted V for 80 meters. The apex is
at about 25 feet. The ends are somewhat lower.

Now I am wondering if after the move if I can use the same
mast for the center (abt 25') and put the ends toward the
top of the trees.

It would be a V not an inverted V. Does anyone know if
this would work for an antenna?

  73 fer nw,

10X# 37210, FP#-1141, SMIRK#-5177
Code may be taking a back seat for now,
but the pioneering spirit that put the code
there in the first place is out front of it all.


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