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Subject: Re: [TowerTalk] Fw: tristao 50 ft motorized crank up HELP
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Interesting--I purchased two "Tri-Ex LM470" towers in 2002.  These were sold 
by First Call Communications, Inc. in New York ran by Joel.  I heard Joel 
tell me a lot of things that turned out not to be true.  I think that his 
tower sales ceased and that maybe some lost money because the towers were 
not delivered.  I don't know if this is true.  The towers were manufactured 
in California
and manufactured by a company named Paragon and Bob Vargas was the contact 
man (president?).  I don't know if Tashjian was THE engineer but he was the 
PE that signed off on the stress analysis.  The stress analysis as well as 
the operating manual had the Tri-Ex renamed to SKY-470 but some pages still 
had the Tri-Ex logo on them.

Wil-Burt took over but it is my understanding that they were not happy with 
the design or construction method of the tower and decided not to produce 
them except for a very few initially.  My two towers had some questionable 
items such as the raising cable rubbing on a cross member.  Both of my 
towers had some sloppy construction e.g.  I had to ream out about half of 
the 15 holes in order for the bolts to fit through the tower legs and the 
base mounting fixture.  The holes were out of line on both sides of the 

In 2000, First Call put out an advertising paper which stated that the 
Tri-Ex tower as of Jan 2000 used 60,000 KSI yield strength tubing on the leg 
and that greatly increased the wind load capability.  I have never 
understood why US Tower didn't follow suit to increase their wind load 
capability if that is all it took?


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> Wrong.
> Lou Tristao worked for Tri-Ex way back (50-60's?) in Tulare, CA.  They
> parted ways and Tri-Ex moved to Visalia and Tristao started his own tower 
> company.
> He sold out to Palmer Industries in the early 80's and they never  really
> got going with the towers and Lou started another tower company.  He  had
> several names, Tower Master, Tristao-Pratt, and then just Tristao.  US 
> Tower took
> them over in the mid 80's and made many, many improvements.
> Tri-Ex was split up and the crankup up business eventually sold to 
> Wil-Burt
> in Ohio, who got out of the Amateur tower business.  Karl Tashjian, who 
> was
> the engineer at Tri-Ex, started making towers based on Tri-Ex but somewhat
> improved, and on a much smaller scale.
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