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Subject: [TowerTalk] tristao tower
Date: Wed, 15 Feb 2006 16:43:57 EST
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Well guys thanks for all the input greatly apriciated here.The tower has been 
put on hold as we had a blizzard come threw here and it's buried under 22 
inches of snow so delivery is on hold but here;s what i do know.The tower does 
have the tristao name plateand is currently cranked down an it is bottomed out 
as they say at a height of 27',there are 3 sections 1 inside the other and they 
measure 20' long,the main base section as you call it measures 17" from inner 
tip to inner tip or 18"from outter tip to outter tip.Judging from the stops 
and their postion it looks like 50' when fully extended.Now they have loss the 
base plate or mounting plate and there is no motor on the crank only a worm 
gear stinking out they think they have it though and the origanal footing has 
been added to a new barn so there's no way to see what the size was.this baby 
heavey took 6 of us to move it where it is now.Now i will take the 
measurments for you guys when i am able to get it delivered an what about the 
price is 
that good 150.00 or shoukld i stay away.So your thaughrs on the base and 
footing and on the price please you can email dirrectly at 
that's right i run boat anchors up here look forward to hearing from you guys   
 John Kb1MWK in R.I.

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