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[TowerTalk] Which mobile antenna

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Subject: [TowerTalk] Which mobile antenna
From: "Jim Miller WB5OXQ" <>
Date: Mon, 20 Feb 2006 20:38:59 -0600
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I run a TS-B2000 mobile and it is a lot of fun  I use a 5/8 wave antenna for 2 
meters and a little tarheel antenna on a hatchback mount for hf.
My question;
Has anyone replaced the whip in a screwdriver antenna with one of those top hat 
devices which claim to radiate better and are much less tall that the usual 
whip.  I changed the 4' whip that came with mine to a 5' whip and I believe it 
radiates better than the short one.  All I lost in tuning range is 6 meters and 
I never use that band anyway.  I am really thinking about trying the top hat 
type unless someone has already tried one and did not like it.
Jim in Waco, WB5OXQ.
WB5OXQ / KA5EPM, Jim and  Ella  Miller,
Abby and Sparky,  Dalmatian Furbabies
Waco, Texas. 

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