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Subject: Re: [TowerTalk] Feedline
Date: Tue, 21 Feb 2006 19:40:44 EST
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I would use "two" coax cable runs plus rotor controls and remote coax switch* 
wires.  One coax for HF and another for VHF.  Consider using LMR-600 for HF 
and perhaps better for the VHF run.   I suggested coax because you mentioned 
ease of use, even though there are lower loss ways to connect your radios to 

For example:  You could also use 450 ladder line or 600 ohm open line for the 
HF run which would provide the lowest loss possible.

You could also run large hard line and convert it to flex (coax) at the tower 
and your house ends.  Hard line has more loss than open line at HF, but is 
better than most coax.  

If you take your wires and coax underground you MUST purchase cable that is 
rated for that, because you WILL get water in the conduit over time.

* If you are going to hang a number of antenna's on your tower, you will find 
a remote coax switch or two very handy.

Terry, K7FE

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