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Subject: Re: [TowerTalk] rope
From: "Clay Curtiss W7CE" <>
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Date: Wed, 22 Feb 2006 07:47:49 -0800
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> > >The black dacron covering wears through and once that happens the
> > >polyester seems to go pretty quickly.
> >
> >I've had similar bad experience with the dacron rope from the following
> >link. I was using it with pulleys to suspend dipoles from the tall tower
> >at W6BX. It lasted about a year.
> >
> Wear is a function of abrasion and if you have something that is
> hostile to the rope, it is going to break!

> If you have the rope going over a tree branch, the mechanical motion
> of the tree is going to abrade any rope.
> No rope product is perfect.

I'm not going over a tree branch.  I'm going through they eye of a ceramic
insulator.  The ceramic insulators I use are very smooth.  The real point is
that 3/8" nylon rope outlasts the 3/16" dacron/polyster at my QTH.  3/16"
Dacron/polyester: 1 year.  3/8" Nylon: 10+ years.

Clay  W7CE


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