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Subject: [TowerTalk] Rotator Clamps
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Date: Tue, 28 Feb 2006 10:44:58 -0800 (PST)
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I have had HiGain rotators for all of my hamlife (since '58) and have always 
put bolts through the mast/rotator interface. Through many big wind storms, I 
have never had a rotator failure due to this from a windstorm. The Msquare 
RC2800P-A rotator manual specifically recommends against it. 

I have had discussions with them over the phone about this and they reiterate 
this point. An important thing to do when tightening the Msquare rotator clamp 
is to tighten the 6 bolts holding the rotator to the mast, and then tighten the 
bolts holding that clamp to the rotator top plate. I don't question that bolts 
can stretch over time, but I believe that these are Grade 8 bolts and shouldn't 
do that. You can always go to a higher grade strength if you think it 
necessary. I have had only one slippage with mine and that was because it 
wasn't tightened in this fashion. It is now. I haven't had it up long enough 
and in enough wind storms since to know if that is going to eliminate this 
problem. Fortunately with a motorized crank-up US Tower in my case, I can just 
nest the tower, reposition and retighten. I would rather reposition and 
re-tighten than replace a rotator. 

If anyone wants a definitive answer on this re Msquare rotators, contact Mike 
(owner and one of the M's in Msquare and KLM<). He is a very nice man who goes 
out of his way to help. You can go to the bank with what he tells you.

John Owens - N7SEJ

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