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Re: [TowerTalk] Running coax under concrete walkway?

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Subject: Re: [TowerTalk] Running coax under concrete walkway?
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Date: Thu, 2 Mar 2006 13:40:16 -0800
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I ran 2" SCHEDULE 40 under ground, just in case I wanted to add more cable
at a later date, made good sense to me at the time and proved to be useful 2
years later when I added some more UHF antennas. I also pulled 2 runs of
nylon rope through pipe and left them in place, so it would make it easy for
me to pull more cable through at a later date and boy, I am glad I did.

By the way if at a later date you do pull another cable through later on, be
sure to attach another rope to the additional cable, so you then have
another pull rope to replace the one you used.  I hope I explained that
okay, if not email me.

Mike K6BR

The home-improvement stores sell water-jet fittings that you attach to 
rigid plastic water pipe and blast a hole under your walkway. It's 
intended to allow you to run your sprinkler lines under the walkway.

I would be inclined to run PVC conduit under the walkway, then run the 
coax through that. And use buriable coax, such as Davis Bury-Flex.

Alan NV8A

On 03/02/06 03:20 pm Barry wrote:

> I have a run of coax I want to bring to the house neatly.  I can bury 
> the coax in a slit cut in the lawn, but there is a concrete walkway 
> interrupting the path.  How do I get it under the walkway and up on the 
> other side?

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