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Subject: Re: [TowerTalk] SPAM-LOW: Re: Crimp on PL259
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Date: Sun, 5 Mar 2006 00:02:32 -0800
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CenterPin makes a nice model for RG-8X and RG-58 that's sold through
Shakespeare  I
don't see a version for RG-8U.  CenterPin also has N, F and BNC connectors  I've had good luck with the PL-259s and BNCs.  I
believe both are available through West Marine.

Scott N7SS

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Subject: SPAM-LOW: Re: [TowerTalk] Crimp on PL259

Ed and all:  There is a UHF connector for RG213-214 that goes on almost 
like an N connector.  It needs only soldering of the center pin.  I 
think this is one of the best kept secrets in ham radio.  I do not know 
the part number but Joel, W3RFC, at The RF Connection sells them. (the  Really easy to put on, reliable and almost foolproof.  About 
the same cost as a standard PL259 without the hassle.  I installed ten 
of them yesterday in about 40 minutes. 

To specifically answer your question, yes there are crimp PL259's 
available.Try Joel.  I have never used one.  73 bob de w9ge

Ed Stallman wrote:

>Is there such a thing as crimp on pl259 connectors for RG8 coax? If so 
>, who has them? Ed N5BLZ


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