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Subject: Re: [TowerTalk] HD Over-the-air TV
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Date: Tue, 7 Mar 2006 17:39:43 -0500
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I'm only 7 miles from "Tower Alley" here in Indianapolis, so my HDTV here
gets all of the OTA signals, low power or not.

We spend several months down in Maggie Valley, NC in the Spring and Fall -
at two different locations.  At the Spring location I can pick up two HDTV
channels from Johnson City, TN (about 70 miles), and Bristol, TN (about 90

At the fall location there's a mountain in the direction of TN!!  However at
this location I receive HDTV signals from Asheville, NC (30+ miles) and
Greenville, SC (about 60 miles).

Last spring I used an FM Dipole antenna!  I really didn't expect any HDTV
reception, but on a lark I hooked the TV up to the FM Dipole and did a
Channel Scan and was amazed at the results.

So in the fall I added a Winegard 8-Bay Collinear.  I've read that the
Channel Master 8-Bay Collinear is better, but it's welded, while the
Winegard can be disassembled into a small(er) box.  This allowed me to get
almost all of the NFL games on ABC and CBS.  Regrettably the FOX channel is
in TN!  The Collinear is pretty sharp and the wind would sometimes overcome
my "Armstrong Rotator."

I contacted the Engineers at the CBS and NBC stations in Greenville, SC and
got their exact transmitter locations and VHF Channel assignment.  The NBC
station was 20 miles closer, and the Terrain Profiles from DeLorme TopoUSA
was no better or worse that that for the CBS station.  However I couldn't
pick up the NBC station at all.  Their antennas are both on mountaintops, so
perhaps the NBC station is not transmitting at full power.

I get the impression that some folks have activated their DTV Signal mainly
for compliance, but don't think they have enough HD-equipped viewers.  So
they take the attitude that they don't want to "waste electricity heating up

73 ---> Dave, W9ZRX

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  I know that this might be a little off topic, but I find the whole idea of
terrestial high definition digital television facinating from the idea of
signal to noise, propagation, and multipathing.  Has anyone out there have
any experience with HD Terrestial TV?
  Lee - K0WA

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