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Date: Tue, 7 Mar 2006 19:25:59 -0500
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I'm currently using a 2 el KLM 40 stacked about 8 feet over my KT36XA. The 
booms are 90  degrees from each other to avoid interaction. I've been 
extremely pleased with the performance of both antennas on the design bands. 
While I tuned the 40 for CW, vswr doesn't exceed 3:1 until I get to the top 
of the band. It's quite effective on fone.

I'm looking at pulling them down and putting them at about the same height 
at the new NR4M site. I also have an opportunity to put an XM240 in place of 
the KLM.

Over the years I've paid a lot of attention to what's been said about the 
Cushcraft 40 stacked over tribanders. I'm left with the impression that out 
of the box, interaction from the earlier 204-CD is minimal to non-existent 
while the same can't be said for the XM240. I've also seen a lot of 
discussion about shorting the reflector to the boom, but most of that 
discussion seems to have dealt with using the antennas as a tophat used with 
a matched tower on top band. There may have also been some discussion about 
lightning protection.

I have two questions.

1. Does shorting the reflector to the boom make the XM240 the equivalent to 
the 204-CD in terms of interaction with 15 meters on a tribander stacked 
below it?

2. Based on what I read in the archives, I'm left with the impression that 
the Cushcraft tuned for CW isn't real effective on phone. Is that what TTers 
are experiencing?

I've very much disinclined to mess with success, but I like the thought of 
having the booms aligned to prevent mental errors under sleep depravation.

73 de Lar K7SV 


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