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Subject: [TowerTalk] QSL's
Date: Wed, 8 Mar 2006 22:15:44 EST
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Greetings TTalkers,
I believe this is the best place to ask this
question even  though it is not towers.
I was âraisedâ in the 50's by a CW operator.
His thoughts  were that the entire QSO summary
should always be on the face of the QSL  card.
I realize many ops put the info on the back.
I will become WY7L (Lake Havasu City) in the
next couple of  weeks. 
I really do not want to put the London Bridge on
the front  of my new cards, but I am thinking a nice
AZ photo might do well.  I  suspect many of my
neighbor hams already have the bridge on  their
The bottom line question is, âWhat do you think
is  preferred for the front of QSLâs?â  Please answer
me direct so we donât  clutter up the tower stuff.
73, Warren; W5KKW for now
_WarrenWolff@aol.com_ ( 


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