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[TowerTalk] Mil Spec Prosistel question

Subject: [TowerTalk] Mil Spec Prosistel question
From: Jay Terleski <>
Date: Thu, 09 Mar 2006 12:32:31 -0600
List-post: <>
I'd be even more interested in the details of the "Navy approval"...
 > what  requirements (some form of MIL-810 for environments?  MIL-461 for
 > EMI/EMC?), what testing, etc.
 > DoD has literally millions of specifications, some meaningful in this
 > context, some not.  A water resistance/salt spray test and/or tests over
 >  temperature would be of great interest to hams. So would any electrical
 >  tests or life tests. Whether the type size used to indicate the CAGE
 > code  on the nameplate is correct is less so.

Thanks for the request, I have posted the brochure for the 
antenna/positioner system, which includes the mil-specs it meets for 
shipboard use.
I can tell you they are riggourous shake and vibration tests as well as 
severe environmental testing. And the equipment is tested as a system 
must be fully functional after hours of testing.  Last week in San 
Diego, they showed me video of vibration testing and drop testing where 
the LPDA elements (see brochure) were vibrating all over, and the boom 
of the antenna was bending by a couple of feet too. all of this in slow 
motion. Just amazing, the forces are huge and you will notice the 
rotator does not have a bearing system above it either.  They clamp the 
antenna mast to the standard Prosistel clamp.  Nothing more.

I was given permission to publish the brochure for the shipboard 
antenna/rotator system and you can see it here:

We are very proud of being selected by the DoD in several other 
applications as well.

I hope this answers your question somewhat. If you are a mil-spec expert 
perhaps you can tell us all what these specs mean for testing.

Regards to the group


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