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Subject: Re: [TowerTalk] Help; Coax Run
From: Pete Smith <>
Date: Sat, 11 Mar 2006 08:22:36 -0500
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Good heavens - a 3 mile radius?  You can't even see W3LPL's tower farm of 
200-footers from that range unless you are at an elevated point with field 
glasses!  With the $450 fee and all these other impediments, it sounds to me as 
if the city is running perilously close to the line of not providing reasonable 
accommodation.  Time to get the ARRL involved?  

73, Pete N4ZR

At 12:53 PM 3/10/2006, Orcena Lyle wrote:
>Your idea of putting the tower up before neighbors have a chance to think 
>about it has merit.  My problem is, to get a tower permit in Minneapolis MN 
>where I live, there is a requirement to send letters to everyone who lives 
>within a 3 mile radius of where my tower will be, telling them of plans to put 
>up a tower.  The city will send out the letters (for a big fee and I have to 
>make arrangements with the city to do it).  
>In many ways, Mpls treats ham towers just like commercial towers.  Someone at 
>the Mpls city planning office actually told me that Mpls doesn't want ham 
>towers because they fall down all the time and the FFC has rules against hams 
>putting their towers in their back yards.  There was more, and I finally was 
>pushed too far.  I told the guy speaking to me that towers don't fall, they 
>fold, and the FCC encourages hams to put up towers.  He got up and walked 
>Fortunately he is not the person I'm working with.  The person I'm working 
>with is trying to be very helpful but she understands nothing about ham radio 
>or towers (as apparently is true of everyone there).  I've spent a lot of time 
>explaining things to her and I will have to jump through a LOT of hoops to get 
>the permit, which I believe is worth having when I put up a tower.  A lot of 
>people don't get a permit, but then they can be in big - and expensive - 
>trouble if a neighbor takes a notion to complain to the city about the tower.
>I have to pay $450 to the city before they will even review my application.
>I wasn't a ham when I bought my house in Mpls.  Had I been a ham then, I 
>would've moved to St. Paul or any number of suburbs which are not as 
>hard-nosed as Mpls.  But I'm fixing up the house and am attached to it, so 
>will try for the permit.  I already have a Rohn 25 tower laying in my backyard.
>73 de Orcy  WØQT
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>  Warren
>  I was able to solve a problem with one of my adjacent neighbors by agreeing
>  to have two trees planted near my property boundary in a strategic location
>  selected by her (and agreed to by me) to block her view of my tower. It took
>  several years for the trees to grow tall enough and wide enough to
>  completely block her view but over the last 15 years it has worked *great*.
>  My neighbor had (and still has) a favorite position in her living room and a
>  particular line of sight from that position. We simply had her sit in her
>  position and look at the tower and I was able with her help to locate the
>  exact spot near my property boundary where we could plant something to block
>  her view of my tower from her preferred viewing position. 
>  The hard part was getting her to even consider an alternative solution and
>  to get her engaged in working with me to find a solution that would work for
>  her other than removing my tower. Unfortunately she wouldn't even consider
>  thinking about alternative solutions until the city backed me rather than
>  her when she tried to get the city to force me to remove my tower (as I had
>  a building permit and I had followed all the city guidelines and
>  requirements).
>  Unfortunately, if you anticipate that your neighbor will be in a seething
>  rage or otherwise be unwilling to work with you (as mine was initially) you
>  may wish to first make sure you have all your building permits and whatever
>  else may be required in place and the tower up before you "waken any
>  sleeping dogs". Getting a *complete copy* of all the applicable regulations
>  at the time you put up the tower and safeguarding them and all your
>  contractor documentation to prove that you are in complete compliance with
>  all city and county regulations for subsequent disputes is a good idea too.
>  I would recommend also taking pictures of the hole for your tower base after
>  it is dug, rebar, the concrete being poured and various stages of the
>  installation etc as you may have neighbor problems and disputes years after
>  you put up your tower.
>  Planting some trees either on her property or on your property to block her
>  view may not work for you but it is worth a thought...and my angry neighbor
>  apparently finally stopped actively hating me (I think) a few years after I
>  planted the trees. In any event she stopped petitioning the city and
>  threatening law suits.  :-) The cost of the trees and planting them was a
>  lot less than litigating the issue in court....even if you are also a lawyer
>  :-)
>  Your plan to find ways to be considerate of your neighbor's concerns prior
>  to putting up your tower is a good one and a great long term strategic
>  investment both as to her and vis a vis your other present and future
>  neighbors.
>  GL and 73, Ted, K6XN
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>  Back again, TTalkers,
>  I received lots of encouragement on the subject
>  of BuryFlex  and QSL's.  Appreciate all the help,
>  too many to thank individually.
>  Now, I would like to fine tune how to run these
>  two runs of  coax plus rotator control cables.
>  Although Lake Havasu City is lenient on tower
>  heights, I am  trying to be very considerate of
>  one of my neighbors; he has a nice view of  the
>  lake; I do not.  My original tower location (Plan A)
>  would be on the periphery of his (her) view and
>  "she" feels a bit stressed seeing any of  my
>  tower, at all. My Plan  A would place the tower
>  right by the shack.
>  Plan B would place my stack and HD-70 tower
>  at the opposite  end of my lot from his view.
>  This means that the line of sight run would be
>  around 95  feet.  If I were to route the cables "around"
>  the edge of my slab, it  would be around 25 feet longer
>  with the attendant 90 degree turn (90' + 30',  linear).
>  I am thinking two parallel runs of 4 inch PVC.  Of
>  course,  running it around the slab might make the
>  underground utilities man and the  plumber much
>  happier.
>  My questions include:
>  What is the best  way to run the cable?  Under the
>  slab?  In the slab?  Around  the corner?  Should I
>  try to have the center of the run "droop" a bit,  with
>  a couple of drainage holes at the bottom of the droop?
>  What is the  best way to handle a 90 degree turn if I
>  go that route?
>  Appreciate any advice I can get before meeting with
>  my  builder.
>  Regards, Warren Wolff; W5KKW;  WY7L
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