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Date: Sun, 12 Mar 2006 09:48:03 -0500
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I appreciate the input from the half dozen or so folks that responded to my 
original questions.

The question about the phone band effectiveness of the XM240 that is cut for 
CW seems to have been answered. Several individuals indicate that it works 
very well up in the phone band as well. Some use tuners some don't. Several 
reported that amplifiers such as the Alpha87 or ACOM2000 handle it fine 
across the band when K7LXCs secret dimensions are used.

No-one who has shorted the reflector to the boom responded to my question 
about interaction with tribands stacked above or below it. There were 
several reports of interaction where the reflector and boom are not shorted.

I'm going to pull the 2 el KLM and the KT36XA off the tower and assesss the 
condition of them. As long as they're both in good shape and based on 
discussions with several of the guys out at NR4M's place yesterday, I think 
we're going to put the two antennas up at the farm just as they are here. It 
appears we've got an X9 and an XM240 to fall back to if we find any 

I'd appreciate hearing from anyone who has shorted the XM240's reflector to 
the boom that has it stacked above or below a tribander.

73 de Lar K7SV 


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