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Subject: Re: [TowerTalk] anchor concrete
Date: Mon, 13 Mar 2006 14:39:35 EST
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In a message dated 3/12/2006 7:26:09 P.M. Pacific Standard Time, writes:

>  The tower will have a two element 20-15-10 meter quad..The  winds blow
here 45-55 mph.  That is what I have masured this past  year.  The locals
tell me it can get up to 85-90 mph with a good huff  and puff..

        Other people have pointed  you towards Rohn guy anchor drawings and 
specs. But you really need to know what  your local windspeed rating is. 
Anecdotal information isn't that valuable. You  can check yours at 
( .  Be 
advised that sometimes a building department will institute a higher  windspeed 
than what is listed but it is a good starting point. 
    BTW you can get a free Rohn catalog on  CD including all the drawings 
from _www.rohnnet.com_ ( . Even if you don't have a Rohn 
tower, you can make some inferences from the data. 
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