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[TowerTalk] You all be careful out there...

Subject: [TowerTalk] You all be careful out there...
Date: Wed, 15 Mar 2006 13:27:37 EST
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Cell tower climbers surface as having  the most dangerous job in America

January 30, 2006 - Based upon the latest national census of fatal  
occupational injuries from the Department of Labor's Bureau of Labor 
workers who are required to climb cell towers and other communications  
throughout the country have been identified as having the most  dangerous job 
in America.
In previous years,  inaccurate Occupational Health and Safety Administration 
coding and an unknown  total of tower climbers prevented the tower erection 
and maintenance industry  from revealing the most fatalities per 100,000 
Although tower climbers are one of the smallest specialized construction  
groups with approximately 8,700 employees, they had ten fatalities from workers 
falling from a tower in 2004, representing 115 deaths per 100,000  workers.

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