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Ahh! My forgettery is not as bad as you or I thought.  As I recall, This
mystery tower I bought (the CanadianSpauldingRohn) that fit the 4 sections
of Rohn 25 was purposely bowed/modified to fit by some other party.  At
40yrs and counting...My forgettery is not reared its ugly head.  

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Sorry Jim, but methinks your forgettery is getting like that of my own ... 
>From Tower Talk, 2/98 --
[TowerTalk] More history of Spaulding/Rohn AX/BX tower
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My 1976 "Rohn Ham & CB Tower Catalog" includes many pages of data on
the Spaulding towers (note this spelling is used consistantly throughout
the catalog and even on the mechanical drawings dated 12-2-60.

This vintage catalog includes the AX series sections, which were combined
to make the HAX and HDX models.  NOWHERE in these pages is any windloading
spec given, nor is there any caution against long boom antennas.  

These towers had a variety of bases available: concrete stubs like the
BX towers, hollow cylindrical steel bases for burying in a round hole, and
the screw anchor bases which consited of three outrigger arms fastened to
the earth with earth augers.

As always, inconsistencies can be found.  For example, SHEET D-1132 dated
December 1, 1975 says "Spaudling towers are not recommended for guyed or
commercial installations."  Three inches above that disclaimer is the
that if using the sidemount for vertical antennas (still sold for use with
the BX series) "recommend tower be guyed when using this mount."  Since
this mount is only 28-40" long, the lever arm is the same length, and
obviously the ten foot boom has a five foot lever arm.  So maybe there was
some historical reason for the current warning!

For those interested, the AX-8 base section was speced as 65 pounds for the
8 foot length.  This was a reasonably beefy tower by CB standards!

Terry Zivney, N4TZ/9

73   (just one)    -  AA6DX

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