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Date: Thu, 23 Mar 2006 03:07:48 +0000
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    The folks on this reflector have frequently recommended using Scotchbrite 
pads.  These pads are green plastic scouring pads and can be found at most home 
supply stores such as Lowe's and Home Despot, probably in the paint department 
or with the sandpaper.  

     I followed this sage advice with my new antennas.  I used one piece of 
Scotchbrite to burnish the ends of my antenna's element sections, both inside 
the larger one and outside the smaller one where they would telescope together. 
 I then applied a small amount of NoAlOx to these surfaces and rubbed it into 
the metal with a second, clean piece of Scotchbrite.  The NoAlOx should not be 
dripping off the metal, just a nice dull coating.  Using a second pad for the 
anti-oxidant keeps the oxide flakes on the first cloth away from the 
just-cleaned surface of the aluminum.   

     Burnishing the outside surface of tubing is easy.  To get at the inside 
surfaces, I wrapped a piece of Scotchbrite loosely around a large screwdriver 
and rammed it into the end of the tube.  By pressing the blade against the side 
of the tubing I was able to apply enough force to clean off the inner surface.  
I used the same screwdriver technique and the second piece of Scotchbrite to 
rub the NoAlOx into the inside of the tubing.  

73 de
Gene Smar  AD3F

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> I am sure this has been covered before but need to know again. 
> What is the best method of burnishing aluminum? I have several antennas
> that have had the elements partially disassembled, which I am now going
> to put back together. The elements have been outside for several years
> and there appears to be a little bit of aluminum oxide on the outer
> surface of the elements (and I presume inside also). 
> I want to burnish the elements and remove any build up of aluminum oxide
> before I apply noalox (sp?) compound to the elements and telescope them
> back together. My inclination is to use:   1.) fine emery (sp?) cloth,
> 2.)  fine grain sandpapaer,  or    3.) steel wool.   I would guess the
> steel wool is not good due to the dissimilar metals and the possibility
> that some of the metal would be left on the elements. 
> What works best?
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