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Subject: Re: [TowerTalk] Can you ident me?
From: NØATH <>
Date: Wed, 22 Mar 2006 21:44:17 -0600
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Correct me if need be - I think the Rohn 20 is also painted - not Galvanized - 
NØATH / Dave
    Rohn 20G and 25G are practically identical with  Z-bracing. The only 
difference is that 25 has 8 horizontals and 20 only has 7.  With less bracing, 
20G has less torque resistance and is specified by Rohn  for only 
TV-antenna-type applications. Here's what Rohn says about it:
    "The #20 tower  is not recommended for commercial, ham, CB or guyed  
    I think what the tower of interest is is like  Rohn 6 that has no 
diagonal braces - only horizontals. It is another type of  TV tower and was 
made by 
many manufacturers in the days before cable or  satellite TV signal delivery. 
There are thousands of 40-footers still up in  the mid-west and around the 
country with TV antennas on them. That's why  they're cheap and plentiful.


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