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Date: Fri, 24 Mar 2006 02:03:09 -0800
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Why does everyone on this list seem to be so mad at insurance companies?
What is the crime in trying to earn a profit?  Insurance companies like all
businesses are in business to make money or they could not exist.

Yes, insurance companies pay legitimate claims... but so many claims are
just plain fraudulent.. and so many claims are horrendously inflated by our
out of control tort system where lawyers are allowed to convince the
uneducted who make up our juries to award outrageous settlements.

Before you blame the insurance companies... take a look at reality.. they
took a major hit this hurricane season... we all have to pay for that...
that's how insurance works...they spread the risk to the policy holders...
Payment of claims comes out of the premiums they collect not out of some
mythological pie in the insurance sky...

Insurance companies are tightly regulated and can be rather competitive...
it is not that profitable a business...

No... I do not nor have I ever worked in the Insurance Industry... I just
understand how business works...
Howard S. White Ph.D. P. Eng., VE3GFW/K6  ex-AE6SM  KY6LA
"No Good Deed Goes Unpunished"
"Ham Antennas Save Lives - Katrina, 2003 San Diego Fires, 911"
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The advice given is sadly correct.

Several decades ago I had a friend who was an
insurance loss adjuster. He said on a number of
occasions: "Insurance companies don't mind paying
legitimate claims - every business has costs, and
claims are the main one for insurance companies.
Actuaries understand that it is impossible to predict
any single event, but that the long term trend is
susceptible to statistical analysis."

My feeling is that today insurance companies DO mind
paying claims - any claims - and they mind intensely.
In my book they are marginally better than the banks,
who are marginally better than the gas companies....

73 Roger

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