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Subject: Re: [TowerTalk] Mast wind loading
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Date: Wed, 29 Mar 2006 12:20:12 -0500
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> That is still not universally the case. Many of the municipalities in W.
> Michigan specifically exempt from all their other regulations towers and
> antennas for TV reception and those used by FCC-licensed amateur radio
> operators -- provided that the towers etc. do not exceed a certain
> height, typically 70ft.
In Midland County, East Central side of the Lower Peninsula of Michigan, the 
regulations are set by the townships.  Here in Homer there are rules that 
all structures must abide by.  Set back rules for safety and there are no 
laws or regs that superceed safety that I know of.  However the set back 
rules as applied to amateur radio towers only apply to the towers, not what 
you have on them. There is a second regulation which also pertains to safety 
and that is towers over 80 feet must be installed according to good 
engineering practice.  (they will take the ROHN catalong specs).  Building 
permits are required and given only for towers over 80 feet.  You could 
request one for a shorter tower but you won't get it.  So, if you want a 100 
foot tower make sure your lot is at least 200 X 200. It's difficult to find 
a lot less than 100 X 200 and new ones are coming up with a requirement in 
acres to maintain the green belt.  If you have a small lot in the city AND 
you have good neighbors it only takes written permission from them to wave 
the set back limits in their direction.

However:  just one township away they have a limit on height of something 
like 30 feet.  One ham tried for years but never got them to budge.  New guy 
moved in and it only took him one visit to the board and he had a permit for 
either 60 or 70 feet.

The reason for the short  limit?  That was as high as their rescue equipment 
would go.  <:-))  All the new ham did was point out the PRB legislation to 
accomidate ham towers and they didn't even argue or require any extra 

Roger Halstead (K8RI and ARRL 40 year Life Member)
N833R - World's oldest Debonair CD-2

> Holland Township does not want to see a drawing or inspect the
> foundation or any other aspect of the installation. "As long as it's not
> over 70ft., just do it" is the gist of what they told me.
> Alan NV8A
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