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[TowerTalk] GIN POLE (trivia)

Subject: [TowerTalk] GIN POLE (trivia)
Date: Wed, 29 Mar 2006 15:44:10 EST
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>From another reflector:
All joking aside, if anyone is really interested, the proper term is
GIN  POLE.  GIN as in enGINe comes from Middle English and refers to
any  mechanical device that transfers energy into movement.  The 
term "gin  pole" refers to a device used to lift or hoist heavy 
loads and has been used  in numerous industries such as fishing, 
mining, construction of buildings,  walls, etc.
The gin pole we are all familiar with is one derived mostly from  
those used in mining.  This piece of equipment is designed to be  
mounted vertically and used to lift heavy objects straight up and  
swiveled into position for stacking purposes.
The gin pole is one of the  safest and most useful pieces of 
equipment available for stacking towers and  mounting heavy loads on 
tower tops as long as the device is handled  properly.  Unfortunately 
it is also one of the most fequently misused  and therefore most 
dangerous pieces of equipment in our industry.


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