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[TowerTalk] Protecting house better from overcurrnet (ligthnings)

Subject: [TowerTalk] Protecting house better from overcurrnet (ligthnings)
From: "Beat Meier" <>
Date: Fri, 31 Mar 2006 02:08:02 +0200 (MEST)
List-post: <>

Maybe a little bit offtopic ... I have a tower at my house but
the proble until now is not the tower ...

My house is about 70 years old. I have the following setup now:

The power from the company comes in at point 0 at this point it goes
underground to my house (Point A) and Washhouse (Point B). Both lenbgth
about 80m.
At point A I have a lightning protector from merlin-gerin PF8 (Imax 8ka).
At this point I have a grounding cable (diameter 7mmm i.e. between AWG1 and
AWG2) which goes to an copper road (length only about 1.5m).
>From point A which is the whole house I go to my office (same house) "after"
ligthning protection to point C. At point C I have again the same lightning
protector and
the same cable going to an other copper road with the same length.
This copper rods are about 4m distance at the same side of the building.
This 2 ligthning protecter are connected in the house directly with a 3-4mm
The tower is about 4m from the entry of the power in the house but close to
the house
40cm. On the tower there is a wifi antenna and tv antenna.

My question now:

1. Should this direct connection be elimnated and the rods directly be
2. Should I connect the rods also together (but than I have a earth loop)

As I have read the archives of this forum the best is a single point of
and I don't have this. Should I change this?
The idea was that both protectors should have near ground to "push" over
current there.
Because this protection are not very high (second level protection) I wanted
to put 2
because in the first point (house) I have sensitive equipment and in my
the very "sensitive" equipment like network, pc etc.
In the future I want to put also put an other protecion in point 0.

Any hints what I should do to protect better my equipment?

BTW: Not house nor my antenna 30m (100ft) has a lightnig conductor.

BTW2: The most problems here are overcurrent (ligthnings over the cable)
from the power supplier not direct strikes.


                   rod 1        rod 2
                    |           |
                    |           |
    0--------- (A) House ---  (C) office
    (B) Garage, Washhouse

Thanks a lot for any infos


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