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[TowerTalk] New 230ft Tower: How to ground?

Subject: [TowerTalk] New 230ft Tower: How to ground?
From: "Beat Meier" <>
Date: Fri, 31 Mar 2006 02:10:38 +0200 (MEST)
List-post: <>

First of all:
I live in north of Argentina and there are no grounding/lightning
specialists here...
I live apart from town and we have no internet nor telefone :-((
I want to put a tower of 70m (230ft) to put wifi antennas in the town
There will also be a little building to put modem, server there.
In my house I have already a tower (with no grounding etc. nothing)

I have read a lot of articel of grounding antenna from the mail archive.
Thanks for the nice articles!!

But I have a lot of questions :-)
Here some of there ...

1. I've read in some articles that you should use 4 ground roads per leg 
(I think of 8ft, 1/2' Copper). This would give a total length of 32ft
In an other article is the Polyphaser recommendation:
  Polyphaser suggests each tower leg ground radial be at least 75 ft long
with ground rods spaced
  along that length as appropriate.
What should be putted and how?
What I mean is my tower will "tripod" of 45cm (1.5ft) wide, so there are 3
legs but
very close each one. How to I put this 4 legs

2. The towers here must be paintet red and white. The tower will be normal
not galvanized!
My question now: between the elements there should be no tint because of
but what about oxidation there?

3. What is a good resistence from the ground to the tower, 5ohms?

4.  AWG4 is a solit cable or braid? Is this right that it's diameter is
5.18mm (1/5'')?
If read about:
  Different grounding points should be connected together with AWG4 or 1-1/2
inch strap
  What thickness should have this strap?

So I think enough for today. I must read on the archive :-)

Thanks a lot for any information which you are willing to share with me!


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