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[TowerTalk] Rebar or ???

Subject: [TowerTalk] Rebar or ???
Date: Sat, 1 Apr 2006 21:32:38 EST
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Hi All  - I have read so  many articles on the requirements of the use of 
rebar for self supporting  towers, I thought I'd throw in my thoughts on the 
subject. I have over the past  50 years of hamming installed quite a number of 
self supporting towers, and  firmly believe in the use of rebar of some sort to 
help preserve the integrity  of the concrete base. Putting a rebar cage 
together to put into a 6 or 7  foot  hole in the ground can be quite a chore as 
found out many years  ago. My solution / suggestion  is to make use of  " T " 
fence  posts that farmers use for their fences, they can be picked up at most 
any Ag  store or hardware for about $3.00 ea. They usually can be purchased 
in different  lengths. I place them in the dug hole about 6-8" in  from the 
outside of  the hole and drive them  down to where they are about 4-5" below 
finished top surface. They also serve to settle the concrete if shook during 
the  pour. I use 4 if pouring a square base and generally three for a round 
form. My  tallest free standing was a 50'  in a 3.5' round hole, 6' deep with 
four of  the " T " bar fence posts, and as of two years ago, it was still 
standing out in  Calif.  Just my thoughts on the subject. Have fun digging that 
hole.   Regards  -   Harold   -     K9ge

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