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Subject: Re: [TowerTalk] [Antennas] which type of locktite
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Date: Sun, 2 Apr 2006 14:07:18 -0500
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> I can't remember the 'color' of the locktite recommended to be used on tower 
> and antenna
> bolts.
> Super Strength is Red. (Never to be used as you will NEVER get them loose 
> again)
> I know Medium Strength is Blue.
> Light Strength is ?????

  Light strength is "purple", # 222. Medium is blue, # 242, and high-strength 
is red, # 271.

  There is a "green" strength but I'm not sure where it lise in these three. 
You can go look
at and enter your country 
and go from there.

  I know that there's a blue version that I use for very small capscrews in the 
medical field,
but I can't remember the number offhand.

  But the bottom line is, red will come apart only with heat and a wrench.

  There's one particular flavor, # 290, that will "wick" in by capillairy 
motion and help holds
things together even if you can't take it apart at all. Needs localized heat to 

  Well, have fun looking in their catalog.

                _Ray_        KBØSTN


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