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Re: [TowerTalk] Phasing verticals and stubs

To: Tom Osborne <>
Subject: Re: [TowerTalk] Phasing verticals and stubs
From: Don Havlicek <>
Date: Tue, 04 Apr 2006 00:56:01 -0400
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Why not put the three verticals in a right triangle.

You can remotely switch the phasing using voltage over the coax so it 
will beam four compass directions.
Mine were [and will be soon] phased for NE, SE, SW, NW with 0, +DC, -DC, 
AC voltage for those directions.
Contact me for info if you're not familiar with the remote switching 
circuit[s] which you can use.

I manufacture [one at a time] the control [similar in nature to the old 
Heathkit control] and remote head with connections for a SINGLE 1/4-wave 
phasing section.


Tom Osborne wrote:
> Howdy all
> I'm putting my 3 40 meter phased verticals back up after the storms took 
> them down.
> A question I  have is, if I put my stubs back in the line, is it going to 
> mess up the phasing?  I'm using 1/4 wave phasing lines on the verticals and 
> 1/4 wave stubs (2 of them) in the line.  Thanks and 73
> Tom W7WHY
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