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[TowerTalk] ab577 engineering specs

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Subject: [TowerTalk] ab577 engineering specs
From: "Jim Jarvis" <>
Date: Mon, 17 Apr 2006 03:15:45 +0000
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TT, Michael:

Kudos to Lux and Hachadorian for the DOD documents
lookup sites.  I was able to find the specs for my ab621
through them.  The military load specs for the 577, plus
some simple math may be persuasive for your code officials.

For a summary of general windload calculation 
methods and standards, see:

Roughly restated, the 577 specs in part 3.5.7.x calls
for pretensioning the guys to 150lbs, and ability to
withstand 200lbs 2' above the top of tower, plus 80 lbs
at the center of each tower section. 

The tables in the above reference, suggest that you can
put a 7.5 s.f. antenna on the mast, and survive 93mph

good luck.



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