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Date: Tue, 18 Apr 2006 18:14:54 -0400
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I have a set of 20 year old AB-105 installation drawings 
prepared for me and stamped by a P.E., but he died more than 
10 years ago!   I'll be happy to send you a copy if that would 
assist you.

Penn-Tech International still manufactures AB-105 under their 
commercial model number 2400.

Here's a transcription of the Penn-Tech Model 2400 (i.e., AB-
105) Physical Properties.  They are probably of little value to 
you, but would be essential for a P.E. who might prepare 
drawings for you.

Maximum practical height:  280 ft
Max allowable bending moment at tower top:  20,000 ft-lbs
Max vertical span between guys under max loading: 35 ft
Weight of steel per lineal foot of tower height:  11.2 lbs
Width of tower face between center of gravity of legs:  22.59 in
Projected area of one face per lineal foot of tower:  0.5513 sq ft
Wind pressure per lineal foot of tower:  27.99 lbs
Radius of Gyration (least) of tower:  9.04 ins.
Cross-sectional area of one leg:  0.603 sq in
Moment of intertia (least) of tower:  147.76 in**4
Distance from center of tower to center of gravity of leg: 13.04 
Section modulus (least) of tower:  11.33 in**3
Section modulus of one leg:  0.171 in**3 least
Radius of gyration of one leg:  0.56 ins. least


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