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Subject: Re: [TowerTalk] RF Pattern
From: Jim Lux <>
Date: Thu, 27 Apr 2006 14:34:21 -0700
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At 01:41 PM 4/27/2006, K8RI on Tower talk wrote:

> > The RF patterns (for safety) discussion is interesting.  What seems to be
> > missing in much of the discussion is a definition of "average power". How
> > is this determined?  For example, if I am a "hunt and pounce" CW DXer who
> gives a good explanation and
>It's pretty straight forward.
>It's based on a 30 minute period over an uncontrolled area and 6 minutes
>over a controlled area.

<excellent description from Roger snipped>

Hmm.. since you are *required* to make this assessment, you need to get the 
OET bulletin 65, supplement B, and read it.  All this discussion, and 
helpful websites, and literature from ARRL, helps to "explain" what's going 
on, and provide overall guidance, but ultimately, you're responsible for 
complying with the limit (and, more to the point, creating the "artifact" 
documenting that you are).

If you blindly use some online calculator, without knowing and 
understanding the calculation methodology, you haven't met the legal 

Tons of info at

There's a handy dandy worksheet in the back of the OET bulletin that, if 
you fill it out, will serve as that legally required artifact (assuming you 
met all the requirements).  Even if you're in the "safe harbor" situations 
(e.g. 10 Watts into a dipole kind of thing), you need to document that 
fact, and that because of that, you don't need to do a more extensive survey. 


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