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Re: [TowerTalk] New shack on the 2nd floor grounding issues

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Subject: Re: [TowerTalk] New shack on the 2nd floor grounding issues
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Date: Sun, 30 Apr 2006 19:46:18 -0400
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You will never get an RF ground that far away. Why do you think you need one

Gary  K4FMX

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> Subject: [TowerTalk] New shack on the 2nd floor grounding issues
> I am in the process of constructing a new shack on the second floor of my
> garage.  The radio operating room is 24 ft X 13 ft and 8 ft 3 inches high
> on
> the second floor.  Presently 2 X 6 studs on the second floor are exposed
> without insulation.  My next step is to compete the wiring.  My ground
> system around the garage consists of three (3) ¾ inch 20 ft copper pipes
> installed into the soil on the 3 sides of the operating room when I had
> the
> footer dug.  The 3 ground rods are bonded together with a no. 4 solid
> copper
> ground ring around the perimeter of the garage about 2 ¾ feet below ground
> level.    I installed 3 runs of no. 4 copper wire from the ground rods up
> through the cement blocks up into the studding of the first floor to the
> 2nd
> floor.  The height of the second floor to the ground is 11 ½ ft. plus an
> additional 2 ½ feet for the ground ring  ground ring around the operating
> room connected to the 3 ground wires.  My concern is RF grounding due to
> the
> lengths of the ground wires.  What would it take to achieve a good RF
> ground?  I am thinking of obtaining thin galvanized sheet metal and
> installing it on the floor, walls and ceiling before I install the drywall
> and flooring.  Would there be a simpler or cheaper way to create a good RF
> ground?  I will be installing a no. 4 solid copper wire from my tower
> grounding to the garage ground system.
> I am open for suggestions.  Thank you, Fred Mott, AB8AH
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