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Date: Tue, 2 May 2006 08:07:35 -0500
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Hello fellow TT,


This is Gary, N5PHT.  I have a large 10-40 meter beam and I believe my
best option is to sell it and I would appreciate any advice on the
appropriate asking price.  Also, if you are seriously interested in
buying the antenna please contact me off the list via email or phone.
(regarding my recent post on sparky visit this antenna was on the same
tower but I can not detect any damage whatever). 


Antenna:  OptiBeam OB17-4.  This is a massive and fine antenna.  It has
full size elements on 3 bands: 6 on 10 mtrs and 4 each on 15 and 20.  It
has a loading coil (not a trap) on each of the 3 elements on 40 meters.
It is just about one year old.  I won't go into loads of details but for
many reasons it has became clear to me that I need to downsize the
antenna farm.  This antenna has been excellent.  There is one
intermittent issue that would be resolved quickly on the ground.  This
antenna is from Germany and is sold only through Array Solutions.  Jay's
current asking price is $3874.00.  A very expensive antenna, but also an
extremely well built antenna.  Read the reviews in e-ham or any other
place you can find reviews.  Also see for details. See my entry and follow the link for more details of the construction,


I will give publicly a few reasons for this for the purpose to help
anyone interested understand there are no hidden motives for selling
this antenna.


1 - I am at the limit on the rotator (have another stacked antenna along
with the OB17-4) and I want to operate with a bit more clearance.  This
antenna has 26 or so sq. foot load and it weighs 215 lbs.


2 - I want to add some VHF/UHF beams and afraid to do that at present
because of #1.


3 - I live in an extremely bad wind area.  This is quite localized and
may not even affect those a few miles from myself.  We have lived there
for 20 years and have had trouble even putting up wind chimes if you can
believe that and it is some odd thing.  We are officially rated in the
70 mph category but I believe my little acre gets sustained winds of 40
mph on a regular basis.  The OB17-4 does very well in the wind but
should be turned tips into the wind and I can't always do that because I
am gone quite a bit of the time.


4 -  The antenna is simply too big and I am tired of staring at it all
the time to see if all is well - I know this is my own problem but it is
a problem.  


Bottom line is that I would like to add some VHF/UHF and downsize the
10,15,20 and 40 situation.  So, serious offers can contact me and it
would have to include your taking it down and coming and getting the
antenna.  I don't have the ability or expertise to get the antenna down
and I think shipping would be difficult.  I am willing to take quite a
loss but I am not willing to give it away :-)  I am physically located
about 70 miles north of Dallas, Texas. Getting it down professionally
and shipped *could* be possible - we would just have to discuss the
options.   Lastly, I would consider a trade as part of the deal, with a
smaller antenna that covers 40-10, such as the Force 12 C4XL or perhaps
the C4E.  


73 de N5PHT, Gary

work: 903-583-6411

best email:



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