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Re: [TowerTalk] Off-Topic: Plasma TV RFI question

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Subject: Re: [TowerTalk] Off-Topic: Plasma TV RFI question
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Date: Wed, 3 May 2006 23:43:40 -0700
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Don and Team

This may not be very helpful but we have a late model (less than one year
old) high end 44 inch plasma TV and the HF interference from it is so bad
(S6) on the AM broadcast band, 160 meters and 75 meters that I shut it off
when on 160 meters or 75 meters. Interference from our plasma TV is not
detectable with my current antenna configuration when I am on 40 meters and
up. One end of my 75 meter loop antenna is within 30 feet of the plasma TV
but my 40 meter and up antennas are approximately 75 feet away from and
approximately 65 feet above the plasma TV. My 40M antenna is a KLM rotatable
dipole, 20/15/10m is a KLM KT34-XA six element yagi, 6M/2M/220 MHz/70CM/1.2
GHz antennas are all Yagis. I have no problems when our other TVs are on. I
have not yet tried relocating the 75M antenna or using radiation suppression
techniques on the plasma TV....I simply turn it off when on 75M. Not very
elegant but very effective :-) For whatever it is worth my wife and I are
otherwise very pleased with our plasma TV. I suspect that if I could move my
75M antenna further away from the plasma TV the interference on 75M could
become significantly reduced. I believe image burn in and limited life of
screen problems experienced with earlier plasma TVs have been solved with my
HP plasma TV....and in any event I have a long warranty. I hope this is

Good luck and 73, Ted, K6XN     

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Don. there was an extensive discussion of this on .It was very
negative about the plasma tv's. I believe it discussed the hf interference,
image burn in, and limited life of the screens. 73, Dan, N5AR

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Subject: [TowerTalk] Off-Topic: RFI question

Is there a forum somewhere where HF interference caused by plasma tv's is

Don Bozarth

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