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[TowerTalk] radials for a 4 sq system?

Subject: [TowerTalk] radials for a 4 sq system?
Date: Mon, 8 May 2006 12:05:46 -0600 (MDT)
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So, what is the "concensus" on the layout for a ground radial system to
use?  I am in the process of installing 4 verticals for a 80 mtr 4 sq and
the Comtek ACB-4 controller.   I plan on laying 100 or so radials down for
each vertical; and the manual for the ACB-4 shows the inner radials from
the verticals all tied together and terminating where they intersect two
perpendicular wires in a + layout in the center of the vertical array.

Obviously this saves a bunch of wire over running individual radials from
each vertical going towards the center of the array and having them "criss
cross" each other as they extend out to 70 ft.    Correct me if I am
wrong, but I had heard that terminating and tying each of the radials to a
common bus line where they intesect it to be the prefered way now; and
that is why Com Tek shows this method in their manual.


Dick K8ZTT


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