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Re: [TowerTalk] design for a 30ft 3 section crankup needed

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Subject: Re: [TowerTalk] design for a 30ft 3 section crankup needed
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Date: Tue, 9 May 2006 14:17:12 -0400
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Keith there was an article that appeared in QST in March of 1963 titled
The Paul Bunyan Whip, with a subsequent article which appeared in a
later issue.

The article describes a 60 foot unguyed tilt-over mast that originally
supported a 3 elem Hy-Gain beam for many years and then after a
modification a Hy-Gain TH6DXX. Which as you know is a rather large beam.

I have copies of copies and would be willing to copy what I have and
send them to you if you would be willing to send me a SASE. Old issues
of QST have been available on CD rom for several years maybe someone
near you has a set and can get you the article.

Julio, W4HY

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Subject: [TowerTalk] design for a 30ft 3 section crankup needed

Hello to the list, just joined.
I want to make a 30ft approx 3 section crank up, light duty tower to put

my Spiderbeam on.
I dont need tilt over but would like a 3 section so I can bring it down 
to about 12 ft to allow access to work on it.
I think Tennamast in the UK made something like it about 20 yrs ago but 
theres nothing in 3 sections on their site anymore.
Does anyone have drawings to achieve this sort of tower please. I would 
envisage the botton section being square and about 3.5" section, the 
middle being about 3" sq and the top perhaps 2" round section. I can guy
the tower or it can be self supporting. If anyone can point me to some
drawings or sketches or similar info , 
even perhaps a commercial version I would be greatful.
Living in Western Australia there aren't to many sources of commercial 
towers !!
Thanks and 73
Keith VK6XH

Keith Bainbridge

President    Northern Corridor Radio Group    (  VK6ANC )
Amsat NA 35338
TenTec Omni VI, FlexRadio SDR 1000 , 5 Band Spiderbeam. Wireless
Institute of Australia Previous calls include VK6DXC, VK6BRK,G6HHV,

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