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Subject: Re: [TowerTalk] re SteppIr's are BEAUTIFUL!!!!
From: Jim Lux <>
Date: Thu, 11 May 2006 13:43:31 -0700
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At 09:38 AM 5/11/2006, Rob Atkinson, K5UJ wrote:
>It's called being a self-centered moron.  There's nothing to understand.
><<<I really don't understand people who move to places where there are
>businesses, entertainment facilities, radio towers, etc. and then try to
>them go away.....>>>
>Speaking of not understanding, I'll never understand the attraction these
>house farms...McMansion Hummervilles have for people.  to me, all these
>houses that look like they were popped out of an injection mold look boring
>and otherworldly, like a futuristic neighborhood where everyone has chips
>planted in their heads to insure they all think alike.   Give me an old
>neighborhood with trees, and houses all designed and built individually any

Most of those old neighborhoods started out looking awfully uniform, and 
with time, the trees grow up, and the appearance of the houses starts to 
diversify.  And, as a result, the HOA gets less obsessive about uniformity 
of appearance, etc.  In my neighborhood, with most of the houses built in 
1998-2000, the HOA were fiends the first couple years: parking your car in 
the driveway resulted in a nasty-gram from the management company, failing 
to mow your lawn, etc. But now, it's a lot more mellow. We're having new 
landscaping done, and in anticipation, of that, when the sprinkler valve 
malfunctioned at the beginning of the rainy season, I didn't bother to fix 
it, so the grass has long since died and/or been eaten by the rabbits and 
squirrels.  Months have gone by without the HOA taking notice.  Nor have 
they commented on the two verticals in the back yard, all shining in the 
sunlight, loading coils and all.

Naturally, it varies, but I'd say that a lot of the HOA problems come in 
the first few years.  Kind of like not caring as much after you get that 
first door ding in a new car.



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