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Subject: Re: [TowerTalk] Rohn Self Support Chart Says.......
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Date: Sun, 14 May 2006 09:14:03 -0700
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Un-guyed 25 .. I have yet to see one fall over with nothing on it!  1.5 sq 
ft is next to nothing, on 2ØM .. HIHIHI
I've been .. on a7Ø' stick of 25 un-guyed ..  `course, I only went up about 
45' .. HIHI  -- (to put the guys on)  --Still, an exhilarating experience.
Most interesting was climbing 15Ø' "guyed" --poorly-- up over Chico, CA with 
a set of FM broadcast translator SCALA 1Ø el antennae, with H/V 
polarization, on a 12' horizontically mast...   put them at about 143', and 
stuck the mast through the 25G... I just  KNEW that 25 was going to 
corkscrew and tumble, did the rock and roll waltz, but I was younger and 
even MORE foolish .. uhhh, make that "stupid" --have pix of that, makes me 
shudder.  Back to the issue .. I have been on 25 a lot of times with the 
guys, at least on one side, dropped.  Never a problem, and I have seen 
fellows with more courage than I climb way up there on un-guyed 
installations.  Whilst living at North Pole, KL7, my pal Lloyd, K5ZD, who 
was AL7CQ at the time ... stuck my 46' boom Mosely 2ØM 5L monobander up at 
75+/-' on 25G, with guys dropped, it was bracketed to house at about 22-25'. 
Wheeeee!  He is an ULTIMATE tower monkey, did lots of the stuff @ KL7RA.  It 
is really fun to do tower work with folks who know what they are doing .. 
and know how to tie knots, understand center of gravity, etc...  my tower 
climbing days are over, but I am still good ground crew, and .. I keep my 
XXL Klein belt .... "just in case".   As to freestanding 25/45G .. there are 
literally hundreds of towers of that ilk about, especially at government 
sites with telemetry UHF/VHF yagis, corner antennas, and the likes .. as 
well as hams with tri-banders and whatever at various low altitudes.   No 
need to get overly concerned, if you use common sense, and especially if the 
tower and aerial(s) are located where if they should perchance fall, no 
damage will ensue to other property, or most important, human beans..... 
Happy day to the mothers amongst us!

Mark Nelson  -  AA6DX    Eureka Downtown .. FAR Northern California

Subject: Re: [TowerTalk] Rohn Self Support Chart Says.......

I downloaded the Rohn chart, dwg # A871266, date 9/24/87 and
agree with Dan.  The chart even shows that a 40 ft self
support height will withstand 1.5 sq.ft. wind load, no ice
at 70 mph!  Amazing!

Dave W1dB


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